Eviction Friendly Apartments in Las Vegas

In addition to eviction friendly apartments in Las Vegas, we cover some alternative options you probably haven’t considered before.

NV Housing Search – Eviction Friendly Apartments in Las Vegas

Eviction Friendly Apartments in Las Vegas

NV Housing Search is a housing resource provided by the Nevada Housing Division.

Listed rentals include information about credit checks, eviction acceptance policies, and criminal background checks.

These instructions will help you make an effective search: https://housing.nv.gov/uploadedFiles/housingnvgov/content/programs/NVHousingSearch%20How%20to%20Search.pdf

Website: https://nvhousingsearch.org/

PadSplit House Shares in Las Vegas Evictions OK

If you’re a single adult open to living with vetted roommates, PadSplit’s affordable living model could be perfect for you.

Become a Padsplit member, save money, and enjoy living in a quality property while you rebuild your credit.

  • Furnished rooms
  • Utilities included
  • Weekly rent
  • Renters with 1 eviction will be accepted
  • No minimum credit score
  • Bad credit history isn’t a barrier
  • Rent reporting service rebuilds your credit
  • No security deposit ($100 average move-in cost)
  • Single adults only

At the time of writing PadSplit has 92 rooms available in Las Vegas starting from $165 per week (all-inclusive).

Learn more about PadSplit: https://www.padsplit.com/member-faq

Available rooms for rent: https://www.padsplit.com/rooms-for-rent/las-vegas-nv

Private Owners That Accept Evictions In Las Vegas

Private Owners That Accept Evictions In Las Vegas

Focusing your housing search on private owners is a smart way to find eviction friendly landlords in Las Vegas.

While some private owners won’t run a background check, they will want to see recent bank statements or paystubs to verify you can afford the rent.

If a landlord wants to run a background check, be honest and explain the circumstances that led to the eviction.

Try to lower the landlord’s risk by:

  • Paying a higher security deposit
  • Supplying a guarantor or co-signer
  • Offering to rent on a month-to-month basis

The best platforms to find private owners that accept evictions in Las Vegas are:

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Second Chance Apartments that accept Evictions Las Vegas

Second Chance Apartments that accept Evictions Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Apartments Corporation accepts renters with evictions and bad credit.

  • Income required: 3 x monthly rent
  • Security deposit: 2 – 3 x monthly rent
  • Rent ranges: $900 – $1800 depending on apartment size and location.

13th & Carson Apartments: 211 S. 13th Street, Las Vegas

13th & Stewart Apartments: 218 N. 13th Street, Las Vegas

11th & Clark Apartments: 415 S. 11th Street, Las Vegas

11th & Clark Villas: 424 S. 11th Street, Las Vegas

13th & Clark Apartments: 421, 417, and 419 S. 13th Street, Las Vegas

2001 Fremont Apartments: 2001 Fremont Street, Las Vegas

11th & Bonneville Villas: 512 and 530 S. 11th Street, Las Vegas

Art District Apartments: 1410, 1416, and 1520 S. Casino Center Blvd, Las Vegas

Check current availability: https://www.freshstartapartments.com/search-rentals/

Complete rental prescreen: https://www.freshstartapartments.com/prescreen/

Plenty Of Places Apartments (Paid Off Evictions Accepted)

Plenty Of Places Apartments

Second chance apartments under $900 in Las Vegas (some units).

For evictions within the last 5 years, you may be eligible for a studio or 1 bedroom apartment if you’ve cleared your debt to your previous landlord and can pay a higher security deposit.

Renters need to make at least 2 times the monthly rent and cannot have 3 or more late rent payments in the last year.

Your credit score needs to be 600 or over. A score of 580 may be considered for conditional approval.

Plenty of Places only works with evictions related to rent payments. They will not accept evictions for property damage or other lease violations.

Cambridge Vista

  • Rent:  Studio from $800
  • Address: 1025 Sierra Vista Dr, Las Vegas
  • Call: 702-734-8586
  • Website: https://www.plentyofplaces.com/cambridge-vista

Maryland Park

  • Rent: Studio from $795 1-bed from $915
  • Address: 1101 Dumont Blvd, Las Vegas
  • Call: 702-734-2910
  • Website: https://www.plentyofplaces.com/maryland-park

Ogden Villas

  • Rent: Studio from $795
  • Address: 121 N 15th St, Las Vegas
  • Call: 702-818-5109
  • Website: https://www.plentyofplaces.com/ogden-villas

Park Avenue

  • Rent: Studio from $880
  • Address: 711 E. Carson Ave, Las Vegas
  • Call: 702-382-1071
  • Website: https://www.plentyofplaces.com/park-avenue

Katie Court

  • Rent: Studio from $835 1-bed from $935
  • Address: 3890 Cambridge St, Las Vegas
  • Call: 702-737-6100
  • Website: https://www.plentyofplaces.com/katie-court

Fremont Villas

  • Rent: Studio from $835 1-bed from $915
  • Address: 121 N 15th St, Las Vegas
  • Call: 702-685-4818
  • Website: https://www.plentyofplaces.com/fremont-villas

Budget Suites Eviction OK Apartments Las Vegas

Eviction OK Apartments Las Vegas

Budget Suites Las Vegas is an option for renters struggling to find a place to live after eviction. (minimum stay 3 weeks).

These apartments are conveniently located at Las Vegas Boulevard, North Rancho Drive, West Tropicana Avenue, and East Fremont Street.

  • Evictions OK
  • No credit check
  • No lease
  • Fully furnished
  • Pool and hot tub
  • Utilities and cable TV included
  • Free parking
  • Onsite laundry
  • Security patrols
  • Weekly & monthly rent
  • Studio, 1&2 bedroom apartments

More details: https://www.budgetsuites.com/state_locations.php?name=Nevada

Envi 2900 Eviction OK Apartments Las Vegas

These short-term apartments are available as weekly rentals with a maximum stay of 28 days. After 28 days residents may be eligible to move into a regular apartment owned by the same company.

  • Accepts evictions and bad credit
  • Fully furnished
  • Utilities included
  • Free parking
  • Pet friendly
  • Onsite laundry
  • Pool
  • Studio, 1&2 bedroom apartments

Address: 2900 E Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas

Call: 702-386-0277

Website: https://neiders.com/property/envi2900-nevada-las-vegas-apartment/

Consider A No Credit Check Extended Stay Airbnb In Las Vegas

Consider A No Credit Check Extended Stay Airbnb In Las Vegas

Airbnb isn’t just for vacationers and business travelers. Some Airbnb hosts offer extended stays on a month-to-month basis.

All bookings are handled through the Airbnb system. Because you pay for your monthly rental upfront, there’s no need for a conventional background check that looks at your credit and eviction history. Your criminal history will be checked for serious offenses.

Pay the first month’s rent when you reserve the accommodation. Going forward, payments are taken 10 days before your rental renews each month.

Monthly Airbnb rentals offer significant savings over the rates charged for short stays, all utilities are included, properties are furnished, and you get to live in well-maintained homes in nice neighborhoods.

While a monthly Airbnb rental is a great option for second chance apartments that accept evictions in Las Vegas, be aware that you’re a guest rather than a tenant and don’t have the protections offered by a traditional lease.

Check out the current monthly rentals at: https://www.airbnb.com/las-vegas-nv/stays/monthly

Select a move-in date on the calendar, then add a move-out date at least 1 month later to see the listings.

Look for the “rent by owner” filter or type “rent by owner” in the search bar to see rentals listed by private owners.

Always contact the owner to ask about the application process and eligibility criteria before you pay an application fee. Good Luck!

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