Second Chance Apartments in Houston

When you’re looking for second chance apartments, Houston has plenty of options. However, as a former felon, you won’t often find the welcome mat rolled out for you at large apartment complexes.

What apartments accept felons in Houston?

Instead, it’s a better idea to focus your search on smaller, independently owned apartment buildings, and on houses for rent by the owner.

In this guide, we’ll share our best apartment-hunting tips with you, and tell you about the easiest way to find apartments for rent in Houston that accept felons.

The Easiest Way To Find Apartments For Rent In Houston That Accept Felons

Apartments For Rent In Houston That Accept Felons


Instead of calling or visiting every apartment building in Houston, let a specialist apartment locator find an apartment for you.

Second-chance apartment locators help renters who don’t qualify for a lease because of bad credit, evictions, or a criminal background.

Apartment locators have extensive knowledge of the local rental market, and they know which landlords will rent to rent to applicants with a felony or misdemeanor on their record.

Working with a second-chance apartment locator is simple.

  1. Contact an apartment locator
  2. Supply your details and proof of income
  3. Undergo a background check
  4. Choose an apartment from the list supplied

1. Contact Second Chance Apartment Locators In Houston

There’s a great choice of second chance apartment locators in Houston, and it’s up to you whether you want to work with one or with several. Most apartment locators won’t charge you a fee because they get paid a referral commission by the apartment owner when you sign a lease.

A reputable apartment locator will be a licensed real estate agent with access to rental databases showing apartment availability and renter qualification requirements across Houston.

To get started, contact the following agencies:

Apartment Gorilla Houston

Go to the website at to see the types of apartments on offer and the areas their service covers. Call to speak to an agent on 832 410 8487.

Houston Broken Leases

Fill out the rental request form at Make sure you include the details about your felony (what, when, where) and any other rental issues that will affect your eligibility (broken lease or evictions, late payments, low credit score, etc.)

Apartment Find Criminal

Fill out the finder form at or call 832 303-3002 and ask for assistance finding felon friendly apartments in Houston.

2. Supply Your Details And Proof Of Income

  • Let the apartment locator know which area of Houston you would prefer to live in. Think about the proximity to your job, transportation links, and access to schools (if applicable).
  • Specify the apartment size you need, and your price range, and mention any pets you have.
  • Supply your name, address, phone number, and email address.
  • Provide details about your felony offense, and whether you’re still on probation.
  • Show proof of income (payslips or bank statements).

3. Undergo A Background Check

To help place you in the best apartment, your apartment locator will want to run a background check to see the offenses on your background report and any rental history or credit problems they’ll need to deal with.

The apartment owners and managers they work with have varying rental policies. For example, some will rent to a recent felon while others will only accept felonies over 5 or 7 years old. Some landlords will be okay with a drug felony, but not a violent felony.

4. Choose An Apartment

Based on your background report and credit check, you’ll be pre-qualified for apartments that will accept your background. Your agent will go through the list with you and give you more information about each apartment community to help you make a selection.

You’ll be able to tour the apartments before you make a final choice, then all that’s left is the formal application (which you’ve been pre-approved for).

Using an apartment locator to find apartments in Houston that accept felonies is the easiest and fastest way to find your new home, but it’s not the only way.

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Search for Second Chance Apartments Houston on Facebook Marketplace

Search for Second Chance Apartments Houston on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has mostly replaced the local newspaper classified ad listings, and you’ll find plenty of apartments and houses for rent by owners on the Houston marketplace.

When you focus on apartments owned by independent landlords and houses for rent by owner, you’ll find more landlords who will rent to you despite your background.

Unlike the leasing managers at large apartment complexes who have to follow corporate rental policies, independent landlords will make up their own minds about you, and many won’t discriminate against you as long as you can pay the rent.

The key to success when you’re using Facebook Marketplace is making lots of inquiries.

Rental listings won’t specify if the landlord will accept felonies or bad credit, so you’ll need to contact the landlords to ask about their application process.

When a landlord mentions a background check in their reply, message them back with brief details about your felony and your current employment to see if they’re still open to you.

To save time, prepare a short message to copy and paste for each rental in your price range.

Watch out for scams! Always take a tour of the property and sign a lease before you send any money for deposits or rent.

Another way you can find second-chance apartment for felons in Houston on Facebook Marketplace is by placing an apartment wanted ad in the real estate section.

Mention the areas you would like to live in, your budget, your felony, and its age, how long you’ve held your current job, and that references are available (if you have them).

Once your ad is live, landlords with vacant apartments can contact you, and since they already know about your felony, you’ll be pre-qualified.

Drive Around Houston Neighborhoods To Find For Rent Signs

Drive Around Houston Neighborhoods To Find For Rent Signs

Sometimes hitting the street is the best way to find apts that accept felons in Houston Tx.

Go to the neighborhoods you would prefer to live in and drive around. Look out for rental signs outside apartment buildings and houses, and note down the address and phone number.

Check the notice boards inside local grocery stores, laundromats, coffee shops, convenience stores, libraries, etc. Landlords putting up apartment-for-rent cards on local notice boards are probably willing to overlook some types of criminal background.

Walk into every fast-food restaurant in the area (avoiding the lunchtime rush). The fast-food industry regularly hires workers with criminal backgrounds, so the staff at local outlets could be a great information source.

Just ask the counter staff if they know any apartments in the area that aren’t strict about background checks.

Contact Re-Entry Organizations In Houston

Re-entry organizations help ex-offenders get their lives back on track. They can help with employment, education, training, medical care, food, and housing, making them a great resource you should reach out to in your search for second-chance apartments in Houston.

Houston Health Department Community Re-Entry Network Program

Crosswalk Center Re-Entry

When you contact an advisor, just tell them you’re looking for second chance apartments for felons in Houston and would appreciate any leads they could share with you.

Next Steps For Finding Apartments For Felons in Houston

Contact an apartment locator to help you find apartments for rent in Houston that accept felons. Using a professional is the best way to find your next home and an apartment finder will save you time and spare you a lot of frustration.

Start checking the listings on Facebook Marketplace Houston. Send a message to every house and apartment listing in your price range.

Place an apartment wanted ad. Look out for apartment and house-for-rent signs in Houston neighborhoods. Get help from a re-entry organization.

Follow through with each recommendation, and you’ll have a better chance of finding a new apartment quickly.

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