Apartments in North Carolina That Rents to Felons

Need some help finding housing for felons in NC? Check through our housing recommendations to find resources to help you with your search.

Transitional Housing For Felons in NC 2024

Housing For Felons in North Carolina

If you’re about to be released from prison or are under a supervision order, you’re eligible for transitional housing in North Carolina.

Transitional housing provides a safe place to live while you get back on your feet. As you might imagine, demand for transitional housing is high and it can be difficult to secure a spot.

A great resource you can use to find transitional housing for felons in North Carolina is the Oxford House vacancies list at:

Oxford House runs housing programs for individuals recovering from substance abuse issues and individuals returning from incarceration.

To find vacancies in North Carolina, select NC from the dropdown list, then choose your gender. You’ll see all the residences with vacancies along with the contact number of the person you need to speak to.

Felons can also find transitional housing listings at

Felony Housing Resources In Raleigh NC

For former felons looking for housing in Raleigh or other cities throughout Wake County NC, we advise contacting Oak City Cares.

Oak City Cares coordinates a wide range of services for people experiencing barriers to housing.

To get help, you need to visit in person and meet with a coordinator who will assess your situation and match you with the best resources for your needs.

Oak City Cares is at 1430 South Wilmington Street, Raleigh, NC 27603  (take the number 21 bus from downtown Raleigh).


North Carolina Reentry Services

North Carolina Reentry Services

Using a reentry service to help with your housing search is often the best way to find felony-friendly housing. North Carolina reentry providers have contacts and resources in the local area which you can’t access without their help.

Reentry providers offer help with housing, employment, transportation, documentation, and other basic needs.

The North Carolina Department of Adult Corrections runs local reentry services for justice-involved individuals throughout the state.

Find your local program coordinator at:

Apartments That Rent To Felons In Raleigh NC

If you’ve already got a job or other stable income source and want to rent an apartment, you’ve probably realized that the felony on your background report is a problem for a lot of landlords.

Because most large apartment communities run background checks and have strict acceptance criteria, felons need to focus their housing search on more felon-friendly landlords.

The best places to find apartments that rent to felons in Raleigh, North Carolina are Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

On these websites, you’ll find many independent landlords with flexible rental policies. If you’re open to co-living, you’ll also find renters and homeowners looking for roommates to share housing expenses with.

Don’t limit your search for felon-friendly housing in NC to apartments. Felons commonly report having more success renting single-family homes and townhomes.

This type of housing doesn’t always cost more and is more likely to be owned by a private individual.

The extended-stay motels listed on Craigslist could also fit your needs. Rooms are available on a week-to-week or month-to-month basis and you won’t have to pass a background check or pay for utilities.

You will need a credit card and ID to book a room.

Look for houses and apartments in Raleigh NC at:

To use Facebook Marketplace, you’ll need to log in to Facebook, and then select Marketplace from the menu.

Get Help From The North Carolina Housing Authority

Get Help From The North Carolina Housing Authority

The North Carolina Housing Authority runs low-income housing programs which you may be eligible for.

For housing purposes, low income is defined as income below 80% of the area’s median income.

Check North Carolina’s income limits based on family size to see if you qualify:

Housing authorities set their own criminal background acceptance policies, but none have blanket bans on felons.

To apply for housing assistance programs, contact your local public housing authority. There may be waiting lists, so get in touch as soon as possible.

Visit the Department of Housing and Urban Development website for housing authority contact details at:

Next Steps

  1. Contact a transitional housing provider or reentry service for help with your immediate housing needs.
  2. Apply for low-income housing programs to help you afford stable, long-term housing.
  3. Search for felony-friendly housing on Craigslist or Facebook to avoid landlords with overly restrictive rental policies.

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