High Paying Careers That Don’t Drug Test

Get some inspiration for your next career move with our pick of high paying careers that don’t drug test.

Whether you’re a recreational drug user, a medical marijuana patient, or a privacy advocate who objects to drug testing as a matter of principle, finding jobs that don’t require drug tests can be a challenge.

How To Find High Paying Careers That Don’t Drug Test in 2024

How To Find High Paying Careers That Don't Drug Test

Drug tests are more likely to be a requirement in safety-sensitive industries. Drug testing is common in sectors like transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, engineering, and construction.

Outside those industries, if a drug test is required, testing is often limited to a pre-hire check. If you can get clean for that drug test, there’s no need to limit your options to what companies don’t drug test.

The best way to get an idea of how common drug tests are for the career you’re interested in pursuing, is to check the company profiles of major industry employers on Indeed.com.

These profiles give you the inside scoop on a company’s drug testing policy thanks to information supplied by current and former employees.

For our selection of what jobs are least likely to drug test, check out the list below.

Real Estate Agent

The average income for a real estate agent is $96,972 per year.

Real estate agents are independent contractors, meaning you’re the boss, and drug tests are a thing of the past.

Agents earn commissions on home sales and some make more money than lawyers and doctors (without years of expensive study).

Becoming a real estate agent is fairly straightforward and you don’t need a college degree. Here’s how the costs break down:

  • Take a real estate pre-licensing course – $200 to $300
  • Take the real estate licensing exam – $100 to $300
  • Activate your real estate license – $200 to $400
  • Join the National Association of Realtors (NAR) – $156 per year

Audio Engineer

The average salary for audio engineers is $84,456 per year.

Audio engineering is just one of the many careers in the entertainment industry where drug tests aren’t required.

Audio engineers work in a wide variety of settings – recording studios, concert venues, convention centers, theaters, outdoor events, and television studios.

Responsible for recording, mixing, editing, and sound design, audio engineers use their talent to produce high quality sound and immersive soundscapes.

Aspiring audio engineers have two pathways into the industry:

  • Bachelor’s or associate’s degree in sound production
  • Audio engineering certification program


The average salary for school teachers is $66,397 and while it’s not one of the highest paying careers that don’t drug test, teacher tenure protection means that teaching is a secure job for life if you want it to be.

Teaching jobs (K-12) don’t generally require a drug test during the application process or after being hired.

Some school districts may have a drug testing requirement but opposition from teachers unions makes those school districts the exception rather than the rule.

Traditionally, teaching has required a 4 year degree but most states now run Grow Your Own (GYO) programs which offer an alternative pathway into the teaching profession.

High Paying Jobs That Don’t Drug Test In The Tech Sector

High Paying Jobs That Don't Drug Test In The Tech Sector

Careers in the tech sector come with great pay and benefits and companies are less likely to test employees for drugs.

Tech giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Meta, Amazon, Cisco, IBM, and Adobe don’t drug test applicants or require any ongoing drug testing.

To get an entry-level tech job, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a coding boot camp certificate.

Job Title Average Salary


Web Designer $65,874
Data Analyst $71,630
Web Developer $82,678
Security Analyst $83,282
Project Manager $84,959
Quality Assurance Engineer $91,149
Software Developer $95,592
Software Engineer $105,811
Tech Sales Engineer $119,092
Full Stack Developer $126,102
DevOps Engineer $132,530

Master Cannabis Grower

Average salary – $80,000 to $150,000.

In states where cannabis is legal, the cannabis industry is a great place to find jobs that don’t require drug tests.

As a master cannabis grower, you’ll be responsible for running a cannabis-growing facility. The job involves managing staff and budgets, ensuring legal compliance, developing cultivation plans, diagnosing plant health problems, and more.

For this job, you’ll need to complete a cannabis agriculture training program and have experience growing cannabis crops.

To gain experience, look for a job as a junior grower. Junior growers are trainees earning $30,000 to $70,000 per year.

Cannabis agriculture programs can be completed online and cost around $3,000.


The average salary for chefs is $56,920 and you won’t need to pass a drug test.

Chef salaries are highly variable. Chefs working for chain restaurants tend to earn less than chefs at upscale restaurants and hotels.

To work as a chef, you’ll need experience working in a commercial kitchen and it helps to have a culinary arts degree or diploma.

With those qualifications in hand, you aren’t limited to working in a restaurant kitchen.

With a culinary arts diploma, you could set up your own food truck business, while a culinary arts degree could lead to a career as a food & beverage manager (average salary $61,302) or a purchasing manager (average salary $79,610).


Freelancers are independent contractors. Because you aren’t an employee, you don’t have to worry about drug tests.

You’ll need a marketable skill or set of skills and the ability to meet project goals and deadlines without supervision.

The type of freelance work you do determines how much you can earn. More specialized skills command a higher rate.

For example, experienced freelance sales funnel builders can earn over $100,000 a year.

On the lower end of the pay scale, virtual assistants offering general admin services or social media management packages can charge around $30 per hour and earn $60,000 per year.

Are There Any Trades That Don’t Drug Test?

Are There Any Trades That Don't Drug Test?

Whether you get drug tested for a trade job depends on the employer. Companies employing union labor will usually carry out pre-employment drug tests and random drug tests.

To avoid the need for drug testing, you could get your trade certification and go to work for yourself as an independent contractor.

In that case, it’s better to focus on trades where the general public and business owners are the customer base.

People often need plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, HVAC technicians, and carpenters for remodels and repairs, but they don’t often need welders, ironworkers, or boilermakers.

Smaller contractors catering to these markets are also less likely to drug test employees, so that’s an option if you don’t want the responsibility of running your own business.

Job Title Average Salary
Plumber $73,341
HVAC Technician $70,590
Locksmith $50,091
Electrician $53,980
Carpenter $62,388

The Best Advice on What Jobs Don’t Drug Test

There are plenty of companies that don’t require drug tests, or only test when you get hired. Ongoing drug testing is usually limited to industries where a lapse in judgment or a clumsy mistake can cost lives.

Outside those industries it’s possible to forge a career with a wide range of employers or become your own boss as a freelancer or small business owner.

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