Best Degrees For Female Felons

Higher education is one of the best ways for female felons to get a fresh start. Look through these seven degrees for female felons to get inspiration for your new career.

Public Administration Degree

Public Administration Degree

A public administration degree equips you with a career in the public sector (working for government agencies and policymakers) or in the private sector (working for nonprofits).

Federal and local governments have felony-friendly hiring policies. These careers pay well, offer stability, and come with full benefits.

During your degree course, you’ll gain skills in:

  • leadership
  • management
  • communications
  • economics
  • finance
  • law
  • administration

Career options for public administration majors include city manager, budget analyst, urban planner, emergency manager, public park manager, logistics analyst, public works manager, environmental consultant, and data analyst.

Marketing Degree

With a marketing degree, your skills will always be in demand. Marketing skills give you the opportunity to work in every industry.

Employment opportunities for marketing graduates include sales manager, market research specialist, project lead, marketing manager, public relations specialist, purchasing agent, and you can even offer a range of services to your own clients.

You’ll gain skills in:

  • branding
  • data analytics
  • consumer behavior
  • competitor research
  • digital and print media
  • sales tactics
  • business administration
  • finance and accounting

Many leading companies participate in felon-friendly initiatives like the Second Chance Business Coalition, so you’ll find plenty of job opportunities in the corporate world. The start-up sector is another good place for female felons to begin a marketing career.

Computer Science Degree

Computer Science Degree

Today, every industry makes heavy use of technology. With a degree in computer science, you’ll have an in-demand skill set leading to stable, lucrative employment.

Because of the technical nature of this degree, you’ll need to have strong math skills and an analytical mind.

During your studies, you’ll learn about:

  • algorithms
  • operating systems
  • artificial intelligence
  • cybersecurity
  • programming languages
  • data structure
  • database design
  • software, web, and app development

Employment opportunities include software engineer, IT project manager, software developer, network engineer, IT trainer, UX designer, information security analyst, AI engineer, and video game developer.

Foreign Language Degree

If you’ve got a knack for languages, a foreign language degree could be perfect for you.

With a foreign language degree, some roles you’ll be qualified for include translator, interpreter, tour guide, foreign language teacher at home or abroad, intelligence analyst, immigration paralegal, customs officer, or diplomatic service officer.

Foreign language degree courses typically include the study of:

  • one or more languages
  • foreign literature
  • political science
  • communications
  • world history
  • international studies

Culinary Arts Degree

Culinary Arts Degree

A culinary arts degree equips you to the world of food service and hospitality. Jobs you’ll be qualified for include chef, kitchen manager, restaurant manager, pastry chef, personal chef, nutritionist, food writer, food stylist, and events catering manager.

Areas of study in this degree course include:

  • food safety and nutrition
  • food preparation
  • larder management
  • sales and marketing
  • culinary and pastry techniques
  • kitchen management
  • beverage management
  • restaurant service
  • culinary history
  • butchery and charcuterie
  • product sourcing
  • menu formulation

The hospitality industry has a long history of offering employment to former felons, and this degree will open the door to higher-paid positions in the industry.

Business Administration Degree

A business administration degree gives you a wide range of sought-after skills. Besides the fundamentals of business administration, you’ll learn about:

  • business law
  • business management
  • marketing
  • communications
  • accounting and finance
  • ethics
  • project management

Business administration degrees will include all of the above areas of study, but you’ll usually elect to specialize in one area, and your specialization should focus on the type of career you want to pursue.

Careers for business administration majors include market research analyst, human resources manager, financial analyst, operations manager, accountant, business consultant, business manager, data analyst, logistics manager, office manager, and many more.

Counseling Degree

Counseling Degree

If you’re looking for a degree away from the world of business, a counseling degree could be your entry point to a rewarding career.

While counseling degrees all cover the foundational aspects of counseling, you’ll be able to pick a niche you want to focus on: relationships, mental health, substance abuse, personal development, bereavement, etc.

Careers for counseling majors include counselors, group therapists, sports psychologists, social workers, career counselors or career coaches, organizational counselors, and caseworkers.

With this degree, you’ll study:

  • psychology
  • behavioral psychology
  • sociology
  • mental health
  • cultural competence
  • counseling methods
  • communications
  • ethics
  • research methods
  • working with different populations

Final Thoughts

The courses listed in this article are seven of the best degrees for female felons. Your new skills and credentials will give you a broad range of employment options in diverse industries.

Before you choose a degree program, book a session with a careers counselor at your local reentry provider. Besides helping you explore the best degree to take, they’ll give you information about student finance and grants you may be eligible for.

If you’re currently employed, take a look at your benefits package because many employers offer financial assistance for college courses.

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