Apartments That Accept Felons in Fort Worth

This guide is for felons looking for second chance apartments Fort Worth, Texas. Finding suitable accommodation is a common struggle for felons but there are some resources out there to help you.

Second Chance Apartments Fort Worth, Texas 2024

second chance apartments Fort Worth

Finding apartments that accept felons in Fort Worth is easier when you’ve got expert help. For felons that help comes in the form of reentry services and second chance apartment finders.

Reentry services in Fort Worth focus on helping recently released felons and felons on probation find housing, employment, and social support.

Fort Worth second chance apartment finders locate apartments for felons with stable employment or other sources of verifiable income like social security or a housing voucher.

If you prefer to look for apartments on your own, focusing on private landlords is your best option. Private landlords often have more felon friendly acceptance policies and some won’t ask for a criminal background check.

One lead for felon friendly apartments in Fort Worth you can check is the Candle Chase Apartments.

Registered sex offenders or applicants with a felony conviction for murder, arson, or manufacture/sale of illegal drugs, won’t qualify but other felons are welcome to apply.

Get Housing Help From Fort Worth Reentry Services

Get Housing Help From Fort Worth Reentry Services

If you’re recently released or serving probation or parole, your supervision officer is the best person to connect you with reentry providers in Fort Worth.

Otherwise, reach out directly to any of the Fort Worth reentry resources on the Texas Department of Criminal Justice list.

View and download the list:

Scroll through the list until you find the section for Tarrant County or go to page 153 of the document. You’ll see over 300 organizations and charities you can contact for help.

Each listing includes contact information and a description detailing what type of resources the organization provides.

As well as help with housing needs you can get assistance with food, clothing, medical care, addiction, mental health, case management, and social support.

Work With A Second Chance Apartment Finder

Second chance apartment finders are licensed real estate agents that help felons and renters with evictions or bad credit.

You’ll find two types of second chance apartments in Fort Worth:

  1. Second chance apartments catering to renters with financial issues.
  2. Second chance apartments that also accept renters with criminal records.

Likewise, you’ll find two kinds of second chance apartment finders. Those offering services to felons, and those only able to help with bad credit and evictions.

When you contact a Fort Worth apartment finder make sure they work with felons. You’ll need to be honest about your background and you may need to agree to a background and credit check.

These checks help the apartment finder match you with landlords willing to accept your background. Some landlords will only accept non-violent or older felonies, for example.

Once your apartment finder has the full picture about your offense, income, and credit they’ll give you a list of felon friendly apartments in Fort Worth you can qualify for. Then you’ll need to contact apartment leasing offices and ask about current vacancies.

Before you submit a rental application, double-check your eligibility with the leasing manager.

Start your search for apartments that accept felons in Fort Worth by visiting the following apartment finders:

Dallas Broken Leases

Texas Apartment Locating

Second Chance Lease

To get a list of felony friendly apartments Fort Worth or in nearby cities, complete the contact forms on their websites and wait for an agent to respond.

Services are free to clients because agents receive a finders fee from the apartment community when you sign a lease.

Look For Private Landlords In Fort Worth

Look For Private Landlords In Fort Worth

Many felons find it easier to rent from independent landlords whose tenant acceptance policies can be more felon friendly than the stricter policies in place at large apartment communities.

You’re also more likely to deal directly with the property owner which gives you the ability to explain your background and make a case for yourself.

While some private landlords rent out apartments, most independent landlords rent out houses. Renting a house won’t necessarily cost more than renting an apartment and can often cost less.

You can look for houses to rent on any of the rental listing sites, but you’re more likely to find felon friendly landlords advertising their rentals on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

You’ll also find renters offering sublets and renters looking for roommates on both websites.

To access the Fort Worth rental listings on Facebook Marketplace, sign in to your account then select Marketplace from the menu.

To look for houses and felon friendly apartments in Forth Worth on Craigslist, go to the housing section at

Finally, Be Prepared When You View Apartments

Second chance apartments in Fort Worth are always in demand. For the best chance of securing an apartment before it’s rented to someone else, make sure you’ve got everything you need for your application.

Check you’ve got funds available for the application fee and security deposit.

When you visit apartments take a letter explaining your offense and rehabilitation, copies of your employment references, character references, and recent bank statements or pay stubs.

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