Felon Friendly Apartments in Portland Oregon

The resources listed in this guide will help you find housing for felons in Oregon. Having a criminal record is a major barrier to housing so finding the right help is essential.

Housing For Felons In Oregon Resource List 2024

Housing For Felons In Oregon Resource List

Recently released felons can work with reentry organizations to access housing, employment, training, and support.

Reentry advisors can also help you find out if you’re eligible for low-income housing or public housing programs (although lengthy waiting lists are common).

Ask your probation or parole officer about local reentry services or contact any of the organizations listed below.

Your supervision officer may also be able to provide you with a list of landlords offering housing resources for felons in Oregon.

Central City Concern (CCC) Portland

Central City Concern offers several programs to help felons get back on their feet. Contact CCC to find out about their housing options and to learn about their employment, skills training, and coaching programs.

Website: https://centralcityconcern.org/

NewStart Reentry Resource Center Portland

NewStart Reentry Resource Center Portland

NewStart helps felons reintegrate after incarceration in Multnomah County. Contact NewStart for housing help and employment assistance if you’ve been released within the last 2 years (Drop in any time – no appointment needed).

Website: https://seworks.org/newstart/

Helping Hands Reentry

At Helping Hands Reentry the focus is on creating sustainable lives for offenders through connections to local services and resources tailored to individual needs.

Participants in this reentry program must be clean and sober. Registered sex offenders are not eligible for services.

Website: https://helpinghandsreentry.org/

Northwest Regional Re-Entry Center (NWRRC)

This residential reentry program helps offenders transition from prison and find employment and housing.

Website: https://nw-rrc.org/

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities operates nationwide. Advisors can help you with housing, employment, and support services.

Website: https://www.catholiccharitiesoregon.org/

Sponsors Inc. Eugene

Sponsors Inc. is a transitional housing provider offering a wide range of reentry programs to returning citizens.

Website: https://sponsorsinc.org/programs/

United Way

To find other reentry organizations throughout Oregon contact the United Way free helpline on 2-1-1, or visit https://www.211info.org/.

When you call the helpline you’ll be connected with a community resource specialist who will advise you about the reentry options in your local area.

Felon Friendly Apartments Portland Oregon

Felon Friendly Apartments Portland Oregon

Use a second chance apartment finder to connect with landlords who will approve your rental application despite your felony.

Landlords with second chance apartments are willing to consider felons but these apartments aren’t advertised as second chance apartments, making them hard to find without help from an apartment finder.

Second chance apartment finders maintain up-to-date lists of apartments that rent to felons.

You’ll need to be honest about the nature and age of your offense so the apartment finder can check apartment eligibility criteria and match you with suitable landlords.

Get started by filling out the contact form at one of the apartment locators listed below or search online for “second chance apartments Oregon”, “second chance apartments Portland Oregon” or “felony flats Portland”.

Second Chance Apartments: https://secondchanceapartments.com/cities/portland/

Broken Leases Apartment Locators: https://brokenlease.com/cities/portland-oregon/

Second Chance Locators: https://secondchancelocators.com/ (non-violent felonies only)

Look For Felon Friendly Landlords On Craigslist

Look For Felon Friendly Landlords On Craigslist

Craigslist is a great place to find private landlords advertising apartments and houses, and renters looking for roommates or offering sublets.

Felons find it much easier to rent from individual landlords compared to qualifying for apartment communities.

To find rentals on Craigslist visit https://geo.craigslist.org/iso/us/or and choose your nearest Oregon city from the list. Once you’re on your local Craigslist site, look through the listings in the housing section.

Some rentals may be listed as second chance apartments but generally, you’ll need to message each rental in your price range and ask about their eligibility criteria.

Facebook Marketplace is another option you can use to connect with local landlords. Just sign in to Facebook then select Marketplace from the app menu.

Look Into Expunging Your Felony

While further legal procedures may seem daunting, the process in Oregon is easier than it used to be.

If your felony is expunged, your conviction record is no longer available to the public. That means your record won’t show on background checks for housing or employment.

Oregon law provides two routes to expungement and your attorney or legal advisor will be able to provide further guidance.

ORS 137.225 – You may be eligible for expungement under this law if your felony is a Class B felony (after 7 years) or Class C felony (after 5 years) and you have fully completed your sentence.

Learn more at https://oregon.public.law/statutes/ors_137.225.

Senate Bill 819 – Thanks to this new law, various types of relief may be available to you if your conviction isn’t eligible for expungement under ORS 137.225.

Learn more from the Oregon Justice Resource Center at https://ojrc.info/819.


  • Get help with your housing search from reentry providers.
  • Once you’ve got a stable income use a second chance apartment finder or look for private landlords on Craigslist.
  • If possible, get your offense expunged so your felony doesn’t continue to negatively impact your life.

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